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Busan International Film Festival 2014

Busan, South Korea
Thursday, October 2 -
Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busan International Film Festival

One of the most significant film festivals in Asia. The first festival, held from September 13 to September 21, 1996, was also the first international film festival in Korea. The focus of the BIFF is introducing new films and first-time directors, especially those from Asian countries. Another notable feature is the appeal of the festival to young people, both in terms of the large youthful audience it attracts and through its efforts to develop and promote young talent. In 1999, the Pusan Promotion Plan (renamed Asian Project Market in 2011) was established to connect new directors to funding sources. The 16th BIFF in 2011 saw the festival move to a new permanent home, the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City. The Busan Cinema Center is an about USD 150 million structure designed by Austria-based architecture collective Coop Himmelblau. The about 30,000 m² Cinema Center includes a 4,000-seat outdoor theatre; four indoor screens under an LED-covered roof; media centre; archive space; and conference rooms; allowing the festival to include industry forums and educational activities.

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2013 Busan International Film Festival Award Winners

New Currents Award
Winner - Pascha – AHN Seonkyoung (Korea)
Winner - Remote Control – Byamba SAKHYA (Mongolia/Germany)
Special Mention - Transit – Hannah ESPIA (Philippines)

Sonje Award (Short Films)
Winner (Asia) - A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw a Hole in One, Yosep ANGGI NOEN (Indonesia)
Winner (Korea) - In the Summer, SON Tae-gyum (Korea)
Special Mention - Temporary, Behzad AZADI (Iran)
Special Mention - Sprout, YOON Ga-eun (Korea)

BIFF Mecenat Award (Documentaries)
Winner (Asia) - Jalanan ("Streetside"), Daniel ZIV (Indonesia)
Winner (Korea) - Non-fiction Diary, JUNG Yoonsuk (Korea)
Special Mention - Gureombi, The Wind is Blowing, CHO Sung-bong (Korea)
Busan Bank Award (Audience Award) Winner - Home, Maximilian HULT (Sweden/Iceland)

KNN Movie Award (Audience Award) Winner - 10 Minutes – LEE Yong-seung (Korea)
FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Award Winner - 10 Minutes, LEE Yong-seung (Korea)
NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award Winner - Shuttlecock, LEE Yubin (Korea)
Busan Cinephile Award Winner - Father's Garden, The Love of My Parents, Peter LIECHTI (Switzerland)
Citizen Reviewers' Award Winner - Han Gong-ju, LEE Su-jin (Korea) & Shuttlecock, LEE Yubin (Korea)
CGV Movie Collage Award Winner - Han Gong-ju, LEE Su-jin (Korea)